Norris Thermal Technologies is proud to introduce the GAME CHANGER, a commercial electric convection smoker or dehydrator.

GAME CHANGER is a fully electric smoker, with electric heat and smoking units. We are utilizing two electric smoke generators, which deliver precise, consistent, and repeatable smoke. This completely flameless system is extremely safe and comes in a very compact form factor. Game Changer can be used in a kitchen with limited space, requiring only a small amount of ducting to a hood or outside. GAME CHANGER is also very easy to operate, it does not require constant attention and firebox maintenance either. With our control system you set your cook time, temperature, and smoke time, then let it go. The controller takes care of the rest. You can monitor the system on the controller on the unit, or over wifi with any Android or iOS device.


Learn more about the GAME CHANGER (hot smoker, cold smoker and dehydrator): including specs, dimensions, and operation.

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