A GAME CHANGER for your commercial kitchen.  

The electric, no flame smoker is the safest, most repeatable, and easiest to operate system available.  The versatility of this machine allows chefs to perform a variety of operations: cold smoking, smoking with heat, or dehydrating.  The GAME CHANGER operates with an easy to operate touchscreen and is controllable over Wi-Fi with an iOS or Android app. 

Discover the endless recipe options you can create with this unique cooking system - the GAME CHANGER produces winning results time and time again.

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  • Simple digital controls

    • Touch screen

    • Meat temperature probe

    • Network enabled with built-in app

  • Standard 18"x 26" bakery rack with 20 shelves, 3" spacing

    • Removable rack for easy cleaning

  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction

  • Easy to open and clean, drip pan included

  • Four casters, two locking

  • Capable of operating up to 280 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Patented pellet smoke generator




  • All 304 Stainless Steel construction

  • UL 197 Approved for Commercial Electric Cooking Appliances US & Canada

  • NSF 2 Approved for Food Equipment

  • NSF 4 Approved for Commercial Cooking, Rethermalization, and Powered Food Holding and Transportation Equipment

  • 65 square feet of cooking surface

  • Dimensions: 42" wide (plus 8" smoke generator) x 31" deep x 73" tall (plus 5” with installed exhaust transition) & 760 pounds

  • 240 Volt electrical system, 30 Amp, single phase, with ground

  • Marine certified for use on vessels over 65 feet in length.


  • Custom length electrical cord with plug (6ft included)

  • Perforated trays (18" x 26" or 13" x 18")

  • Sausage hangers

  • Exhaust ducting

  • Humidity sensor

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